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Traffic Violations and Out-Of-State Drivers

Many out of state drivers are astonished about the high number of law enforcement officers that patrol the Virginia highways and roadways. Unfortunately for some of those out-of-state drivers, they learn just how proactive traffic enforcement in the commonwealth of Virginia can be when they are issued a citation by the Roanoke County Sheriff’s Department, Virginia Highway Patrol, or any of the other thousands of agencies who have the authority to issue uniform traffic summons. Furthermore, Virginia is part of the Driver’s License Compact: an agreement signed by all but five states that makes it possible for your driver’s license to be suspended for an unpaid ticket received in VA.

If you are an out-of-state driver who was issued a traffic ticket in Virginia, ticket defense lawyer Robert F. Rider can represent you in the Roanoke, Frankfurt, Bedford, Botetourt, Craig, Floyd, or Montgomery County traffic courts. For most infractions and moving violations, it is not necessary for you to appear in person if you hire Mr. Rider. Call our Roanoke area law office to discuss your Virginia traffic ticket.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Representing Out-of-State and Foreign Drivers in VA

Regardless of which state issued your driver’s license, if you receive in a ticket in Virginia, in addition to the fine, you could be facing increased premiums, points, and possibly even a driver’s license suspension. Hiring a seasoned ticket lawyer like Robert F. Rider is the most cost-effective way to dispense with a Virginia traffic citation. To discuss your ticket with attorney Robert Rider, call our western Virginia law office at 540-767-1717 today.

Fighting a VA Ticket if You’re an Out-of-State Driver

When drivers from other states receive a ticket in Virginia, they seldom know what to do. Many drivers are under the impression that they would have to return to Virginia to fight the ticket, which is usually not the case. For most violations, you can call Robert F. Rider, PLC and arrange to have him handle your citation. Among the types of violations that he accepts for out-of-state drivers are:

  • Speeding
  • Driving in excess of 80 mph
  • Running stop signs or red lights
  • Violation of a traffic control device
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Zero tolerance violation
  • Reckless or careless driving
  • DUI/Vehicular manslaughter
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Fleeing and eluding a police officer
  • Failure to register
  • All other administrative and criminal charges