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Charged With Driving Without a License or Insurance in Virginia? Roanoke Attorney Has the Experience to Defend You

If you’ve been charged with driving without a license or insurance in Virginia, you’ve probably discovered how confusing and complex the laws governing those offenses can be, and why representation by a skilled criminal defense attorney like Robert L. Rider is so important.

Driving Without a License

In Virginia, driving without a license is a Class 2 misdemeanor for first offenses, and a Class 1 misdemeanor for second and subsequent offenses. A first offense carries a potential punishment of six months or less in jail and a fine of $1000 or less, while second and subsequent offenses are punishable by 12 months or less in jail and fines of $2500 or less. The judge may also suspend the offender’s driving privileges for up to 90 days upon conviction of any offense. Judges rarely impose the maximum punishment for driving without a license in Virginia, and standard punishments vary from one court to another. While it is rare to receive jail time for a first offense, judges occasionally impose jail time for a second offense and regularly order it on third and subsequent offenses.

Driving Without Insurance

Virginia allows the operation of uninsured motor vehicles on the state’s highways. But the state requires that in order to purchase license plates or decals, motorists must certify that the vehicle is covered by the minimum insurance requirements or pay an uninsured motorist fee of $500, which does not provide any insurance, but allows people to drive an uninsured vehicle at their own risk. However, Virginia drivers are not legally required to present proof of insurance or proof of payment of the uninsured fee to law enforcement officers and can only be ticketed if they tell the officer that they have no insurance and have not paid the fee. Vehicle owners who are uninsured and have not paid the uninsured motorist vehicle fee can potentially have their driving and vehicle registration privileges suspended and to be reinstated, they will be required to pay the $500 fee and file a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate with the Virginia DMV for three years. If you’ve been charged with driving without a license or insurance in Virginia, Roanoke Attorney Robert F. Rider has the experience necessary to provide you with a solid defense. Contact us online or call 540-685-0075 to schedule a free initial consultation today.