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Why Risk Having Your License Suspended?

Most people’s first reaction when they are stopped by police and issued a traffic ticket is to blame themselves for not monitoring their speed or obeying traffic laws. Too few motorists consider fighting the ticket or seeking reduced charges. At the law office of Robert F. Rider PLC, in Roanoke, Virginia, founding attorney Robert F. Rider has fought speeding tickets and other moving violation citations on behalf of Virginia residents and visitors for more than 30 years.

Virginia assigns demerit points to its citizens for moving traffic violations. Demerit points range from three for less serious violations to six for serious violations such as DUI, reckless driving or exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph or more. If you acquire 18 demerit points in 12 months or 24 points in 24 months, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your driving privilege and require you to complete a driver improvement clinic.

Mr. Rider advocates on behalf of clients to get traffic ticket fines and demerit points reduced or dismissed altogether. Failing to hire a lawyer to fight the charges means you are forfeiting the opportunity to save money and risking a suspended license if future violations put you over the demerit limit.

Put A Proven Southwestern Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney On Your Side

While Mr. Rider has handled thousands of traffic violation cases, there is usually something unique about each one. He examines every traffic stop or arrest to make sure your constitutional rights were not violated. He determines whether the police officer had probable cause to make a traffic stop and search the vehicle, and he examines written documentation to make sure the radar, speedometer or blood alcohol level testing device was in proper working order. If you have a strong driving record, Mr. Rider uses that fact to negotiate with the district attorney’s office for a lesser offense. For first-time offenders, he often recommends his clients voluntarily enroll in a driver improvement program because the certificate of successful completion can often help the plea negotiation.

No traffic matter is too small for Mr. Rider to handle. He protects your rights in traffic violations cases with the same client commitment and aggressiveness he applies to more serious criminal defense matters such as drug crimes and assault. If you have questions about your traffic ticket, call a Roanoke traffic violations attorney who has a long record of success at 540-767-1717 or email us to schedule an appointment.