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Four injured when car strikes highway guardrail

It may be easy for people in Roanoke to simply assume that anyone who allegedly drives after drinking has little thought or care for the safety of others. Of course, such an assumption requires believing that any person suspected of driving under the influence knew of the dangers that they were creating and chose to drive anyway. Oftentimes, that simply is not the case. Rather, one who is accused of DUI may have indeed believed themselves to be lucid enough to drive, or perhaps felt that they had little choice but to drive after attempting to make alternate arrangements. 

How does alcohol consumption impact your body?

Drinking and driving will not only land you in legal trouble, it may also cause a devastating accident that can injure yourself and other drivers. This has much do with alcohol's complex effect on a person's body, which goes far beyond just diminishing motor skills. Very Well Mind offers the following information. 

Penalties for Virginia’s repeat DWI offenders

As a Virginia resident who already has a conviction for driving while intoxicated on your record, you likely have firsthand knowledge of just how much of an emotional and financial toll such a conviction can have on a person. You may, too, recognize that a subsequent DWI charge has the capacity to land you in even more serious trouble. Attorney Robert F. Rider, PLC, understands that penalties increase in severity with each additional DWI conviction, and he has helped many people facing repeat-DWI charges work to minimize the damage the charges cause them.

A DUI and your job

Any person in Virginia who is placed under arrest and charged with a suspected driving under the influence arrest needs to learn how the experience may impact their life, regardless of whether they are ultimately convicted or not. For college students or new graduates, the impact may well include their ability to get a job or keep a job offer.

How much can a Virginia DWI/DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

When a Virginia law enforcement officer charges you with driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence and a judge or jury later convicts you of the offense, your life will undoubtedly change in a number of challenging ways. In addition to losing your license for a set amount of time, which can make it much harder for you to find or hold on to a job, a DWI or DUI can set you back financially in a number of significant ways.

Knowing the typically physical signs of intoxication

Many in Roanoke come to members of our team here at Robert F. Rider, PLC after having been arrested for DUI convinced that they must resign themselves to the certainty of conviction. Their thinking typically is that if law enforcement officials say they have evidence to show that they were intoxicated, then there is no disputing that. If you find yourself in the same position, you will be happy to hear that a DUI charge is not insurmountable. Even when authorities claim to have chemical test results proving your guilt, those results can often be questioned. When they are, you might be surprised to see how much of DUI charge is simply based on an officer's observations. 

Fatal DUI crash results in fines and prison

Drunk driving penalties in Virginia can be serious but when an alleged DUI results in a person's death, the consequences can be even more severe. A 30-year-old Maryland man is finding that out firsthand after pleading guilty in regard to a car crash in May 2017 that resulted in the death of a friend, a 36-year-old man from Shepherdstown, West Virginia. 

Your health and field sobriety tests

Anyone in Virginia who is stopped by an officer while driving and then suspected of being impaired by alcohol may be asked to perform some tests at the location where they have been stopped. These are commonly referred to as field sobriety tests due to the location at which they are administered and because they are designed to get some assessment of a person's sobriety or impairment.

How fast does the body metabolize alcohol?

Throughout your life, you have likely heard how registering a blood-alcohol content reading greater than .08 on a roadside sobriety test in Roanoke automatically indicates that you are guilty of driving under the influence. Why, then, will law enforcement officials often conduct a more thorough chemical test later on? Could it be because the results of a handheld breath measurement are not totally reliable? Indeed, many states have determined that the results of such tests are not admissible in DUI cases due to the large margin of error associated with such equipment. 

Can you get restricted driving privileges following a DUI?

Being convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Roanoke automatically results in the revocation of your drivers' license. What it does not change is the responsibilities inherent with your daily routine, which may include going to work, attending school or transporting family members or friends to various destinations. Needless to say, that becomes very difficult to do if you cannot drive. This may prompt the question as to whether there exists a way to regain your driving privileges following a DUI conviction (if only on a limited basis)? 

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