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Posts tagged "Traffic Violations"

New law prevents police stops for some traffic violations

Virginia drivers may have fewer reasons to feel nervous when they encounter a police car. Many fear that when police pull them over for minor traffic violations, the incident will escalate to a search of their vehicles, an arrest and more serious charges. However, lawmakers recently passed a bill that would limit the reasons why police may pull drivers over and search their vehicles.

Don't lose your license because of too many traffic violations

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding? What about reckless or even impaired driving? Traffic violations are taken seriously in the state of Virginia and can have significant consequences. Don't lose your license because you have too many traffic violations on your record.

Roanoke teen pleads guilty to reckless driving

The loss of a close friend or loved one is a devastating event. However, someone who is accused of being involved in causing the loss of someone he or she loved will likely have even more difficulty coping with such a tragedy. In fact, a teenager in Virginia was recently sentenced to 12 months in prison for reckless driving following a fatal accident.

Handheld cellphone use now traffic violation in Virginia

There are multiple different distractions that can occur while driving. For some, simply talking with a passenger or reaching for a dropped item could result in a car accident. However, Virginia legislators have recently turned their attention to handheld cell phoneuse. Gov. Northam recently signed a bill that makes such use while driving a traffic violation.

Traffic violations: July brings new laws for Virginia drivers

The intent of most traffic laws is to ensure the safety of those using the roadways, whether that is as a pedestrian or motorist. Unfortunately, some people may find themselves facing traffic violations if they are unaware of the laws. In some cases, certain actions that may result in charges may have been misconstrued or misrepresented.

Reckless driving charge after fatal Virginia motorcycle accident

There are a variety of different types of motor vehicles that are legally allowed to be used on Virginia roadways. However, some vehicles -- such as motorcycles -- may be more difficult for other drivers to see due to their smaller size, especially at night. Unfortunately, a woman now faces a reckless driving charge after she was reportedly involved in an accident that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist.

Reckless driving charge filed in fatal Virginia accident

Even the most well-maintained vehicles can experience malfunctions that can have severe consequences. Despite this, police in Virginia apparently believe that a fatal motor vehicle accident in Virginia was caused by a failure to maintain a vehicle. As a result, a man now faces a charge of reckless driving.

Virginia driver faces traffic violations in fatal accident

Most people would agree that tow truck drivers perform an essential function. Unfortunately, their jobs often require them to park just off the lanes of traffic on busy roadways, making their jobs inherently risky. In fact, a tow truck driver in Virginia was recently killed in a car accident as he was standing outside of his truck; the other driver allegedly involved now faces traffic violations.

Strategies in response to traffic violations

There is likely not a single driver in Virginia or across the country who has not at some point driven faster than the posted speed limit. Unfortunately, getting a ticket for such an action can ultimately have serious professional and financial consequences. While some people may believe that they have no choice but to pay fines associated with allegations of several different traffic violations, there are other options available to them. 

Reckless driving charge follows fatal Virginia Crash

The vast majority of drivers in Virginia are committed to safety. Unfortunately, even relatively minor miscalculations can have severe consequences. In fact, a woman is now charged with reckless driving following a recent crash that resulted in the death of a teenager.

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