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DUI Defense: man arrested in Virginia

A man in York County was arrested and charged after allegedly striking a VDOT subcontractor on the side of Interstate 64 on the afternoon of Sept. 19. The man has been charged with drinking and driving and will therefore require a DUI defense when he faces a Virginia court. He is currently in police custody at the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail against no bond, though it is unclear whether he has retained criminal defense counsel at this time. 

Virginia woman requires DUI defense after accident

A woman from Manassas was arrested in Stafford County on suspicion of drunk driving, according to local sources. Virginia authorities in the area arrested the woman after she was observed traveling the wrong way on Warrenton Road on Sept. 8. She is currently being held against a $3,000 bond in Rappahannock Regional Jail, and it is unclear whether she has retained counsel to build a DUI defense at this time. 

DUI defense: Woman charged in Virginia

A woman who was reportedly driving the wrong way on Interstate 395 has been charged with drunk driving, according to a report from state police. Virginia authorities responded to the early-morning crash that shut down all northbound lanes for over an hour. The woman was arrested a short time later and will now require a DUI defense to fight the charges filed against her. 

DUI defense: man allegedly strikes Virginia squad car

A man is facing a DUI charge following an accident that damaged a state police vehicle, according to local sources. The 32-year-old Woodbridge, Virginia, resident was arrested on site and charged. He will be represented in criminal court by a defense attorney who will work to build a DUI defense against the charges filed against him. 

Virginia man accused of DWI after accident

Most all drivers in Virginia would likely indicate that they understand the potential harm they can cause if they are involved in a car accident. As a result, many take action to ensure that they are especially careful. Despite this, even the safest drivers can cause or become involved in a traffic accident. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers have recently charged a driver with DWI following an accident involving a bicyclist.

Virginia driver accused of DUI after accident with state trooper

Most drivers in Virginia are committed to safety, including observing all traffic laws and abstaining from drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately, even the safest, most vigilant drivers can sometimes make an error in judgment, such as allowing their vehicle to drift out of the lanes of traffic on an interstate. While this is a relatively minor error and easily correctable, there can be complications if there is a vehicle on the shoulder of the road. Despite the ease of which an incident such as this can occur, police accused a driver of DUI following a similar incident.

Driver responsible for crash with injuries charged with DUI

Police in Virginia recently arrested a woman they claim was impaired when she crashed her vehicle, leaving at least one person with injuries. This event occurred on the evening of June 27 in Franklin county. Outside of the DUI charge, it is unclear if any other charges are pending in this case.

Virginia woman faces 2nd DWI offense

The criminal justice system may seem complicated and overwhelming to those who are facing criminal charges. Without legal training, many defendants in Virginia are unsure of their options and may have difficulty determining how to best respond to the allegations against them. For example, a woman who is facing her second driving while intoxicated, or DWI, charge may ultimately decide to seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Virginia traffic stop leads to DUI charge

Anyone who has been behind the wheel of a vehicle likely knows the panic that is felt when a police car is spotted. Many people are unsure of how to appropriately respond when questioned by officers and may provide information that could ultimately be used against them. Unfortunately, a woman in Virginia is now facing a DUI charge following a traffic stop.

Virginia police pursuit leads to crash, DUI charge

Most drivers in Virginia are safe and committed to following laws; however, even safe drivers can sometimes be accused of driving too fast, for example. Unfortunately, an unexpected confrontation with law enforcement officers can be overwhelming, and the potential for one could cause some drivers to panic. In fact, police have accused a driver of DUI after they say he refused to stop for a police officer.

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