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Posts tagged "Traffic Violations"

How to talk to your teen about driver safety

If you have a teen driver in Virginia, it is important to have a talk about driver safety prior to handing the car keys over. After all, it is a lot better to prevent accidents before they happen than to have to deal with them after the fact. We here at Robert F. Rider, PLC want you to know that there are specific things you should discuss with your teen driver to help her or him remain safe on the roadways. 

Push to stop requiring license suspensions makes progress

There are many valuable reasons why courts across Virginia will suspend a person's driver's license. Excessive traffic violations, reckless operating of a motor vehicle and even failure to pay child support are just some of the reasons why peoples driver's licenses are suspended nationwide. However, there are certain groups of people that may experience far more serious repercussions when their license is temporarily taken away. 

What are the three types of speed limits?

Speed limits may seem fairly straightforward: if you get caught driving over the posted limit, you receive a ticket. Indeed, this is the way that speed limit enforcement in Virginia usually works. According to FindLaw, the term for this type of speed limit is an absolute speed limit. However, it is only one of three different types of speed limits enforced within the United States. 

Why it does not pay to blow off your traffic court date

At Robert F. Rider, PLC, in Virginia, we realize that you can sometimes miss a court date through no fault of your own. We also realize, however, that when a lot of people get a traffic ticket, they fail to take it as seriously as they should. They seem to think that if they treat it with benign neglect, eventually it will simply disappear.

How does speeding affect your driving privileges?

If you notice that you speed a lot and you have received tickets in the past for speeding, you may be on the fast track to having your license suspended in Virginia. Whether going faster than the posted speed helps you to feel more productive, is thrilling or is merely a bad habit for you, continual violation of a vital traffic law can undoubtedly affect your driving privileges. 

What is a traffic infraction?

It goes without saying that not all crimes allegedly committed in Roanoke are created equal. The penalties associated with you receiving a speeding ticket are not the as those you may have to deal with if you are accused of committing a felony offense. If you are like most, then you likely classify criminal penalties as either misdemeanors or felonies. Given that misdemeanors tend to be viewed as being less serious than felonies, you might then assume that traffic violations are misdemeanors. Yet there is actually a third category of criminal violations (one under which a majority of traffic violations fall): infractions. 

How red light cameras work

If you have encountered an intersection in Virginia monitors by cameras, you may well have wondered exactly how these things work and what their intended purpose is. The Virginia Department of Transportation asserts that the use of photo and video images at intersections is designed to improve safety. However, for drivers who receive tickets based on these cameras, it may well feel like just another way to issue more tickets and generate revenue.

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