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When law enforcement officers in states such as Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Columbia cannot pursue a case outside their respective borders, they enlist the help of U.S. federal agents to get around jurisdictional restrictions when investigating interstate criminal activity. Allegations of federal crimes are very serious and should be treated as such. Many federal crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences and because there is no parole at the federal level, if you are convicted you will likely serve the vast majority (at least 85%) of your sentence. If you have been charged with a crime in the Federal Judicial System or are under investigation by federal law enforcement agencies, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Robert F. Rider, PLC.

Interstate Crimes

Federal agents, who utilize wiretaps, surveillance, and other sophisticated investigative tools to build a case over a course of months or even years, often investigate interstate criminal activity covertly, putting many criminal defense teams at a disadvantage because they are brought into a case after criminal indictments are already issued. To successfully defend a charge involving interstate criminal activity, you need the services of a defense attorney like Robert F. Rider, who has focused his law practice exclusively on criminal defense and has a successful track record with the federal system. If you are arrested or indicted for an interstate criminal offense, call Robert F. Rider, a Roanoke attorney who has been practicing law for more than three decades. Contact him online or call 540-685-0075 to schedule a free initial consultation today.