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Many people in Virginia have a less-than-perfect criminal records. They have long since put their mistakes behind them, but they struggle to get a job or rent an apartment because of an arrest or criminal charges.

If this sounds like you, you could have options to clear your name and get a fresh start. At the law firm of Robert F. Rider, PLC, we have helped clients with criminal expungements since 1979. We handle all types of expungements, including DUI expungements and felony expungements.

Who Can Get Criminal Expungements?

In Virginia, you are entitled to have your record expunged if you:

  • Pleaded not guilty and were found not guilty at trial
  • Had the charges against you dropped prior to trial
  • Had your identity stolen and used in a crime
  • Were convicted of a crime and later pardoned

The expungement process involves filing a petition in court that explains why you are entitled to expungement under the law. It is possible that the Commonwealth’s attorney will contest your petition, in which case the judge must decide whether to grant it. Having Robert Rider as your lawyer will make a huge difference in whether you will get your record cleared.

Questions About Expungements?

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