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DUI/DWI Defense


Mistakes happen. Whether you have gotten caught driving when you should not have, or you were wrongly arrested for DUI/DWI, you have the right to a vigorous legal defense. Robert F. Rider, PLC, a criminal defense firm since 1979, defends Roanoke-area motorists against DUI charges. He will help you fight to keep your drivers’ license and stay out of jail.

Every DUI case is different, but there are many ways the police’s case could be weak or faulty. Here are a few examples:

  • Breath tests can be inaccurate if the machine was not properly calibrated
  • Field sobriety test results are up to the arresting officer’s opinion, and officers often fail to take weather conditions, road gradient and disabilities into account
  • Police traffic stops must be based on the officer’s reasonable suspicion that a crime is occurring inside the vehicle. Any evidence gathered as the result of an illegal police stop may be inadmissible in court.

DUI Consequences In Virginia

A conviction for drunk driving can have serious implications for your freedom, even if you had a clean record up to that point. A jail sentence is possible. Even if you are not facing time behind bars, you will likely have to deal with large fines and a driver’s license suspension. As your lawyer, Robert Rider will examine the evidence and take steps to avoid these outcomes, whether through getting the charges reduced or taking the case to court.

You Have Rights. We Will Protect Them.

Your best chance of a positive resolution to your DUI case is to retain an attorney as soon as possible. For a free initial consultation, please call our Roanoke office at 540-685-0075 or send us an email.