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Conditional Driver’s License And DUI

By taking away your driver’s license, the judge is probably taking away your ability to get to your job and take care of your family. Robert F. Rider, PLC, can help you get a conditional driver’s license to maintain your independence following a DUI conviction. Attorney Robert Rider has practiced criminal defense in Roanoke, Virginia, since 1979.

Restricted Driving Privileges In Virginia

A first conviction for DUI results in your license getting suspended, but you have the right to immediately request restricted driving privileges. This license gives you permission to drive in specific circumstances. Typically, people receive a conditional license to drive to and from work so they will not lose their job.

After a second DUI conviction, you must wait a year to apply for a restricted license. You still might be able to get conditional driving if you have three DUI convictions, if you have gone three years with a clean record.

When allowed by law, we petition the court to reinstate limited driving privileges. As one of the most experienced defense attorneys in Virginia, Robert is well-versed in the procedure and will give you the best chance of success.

Get Your Freedom Back

Driving gives us a freedom that we do not think about until it is taken away. Many people with a DUI on their record have made a mistake, have made changes in their lives and are ready to regain their independence. Our lawyer Robert will take action to help you after a license suspension or license revocation.

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