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Criminal Defense

It is scary to get arrested and charged with a crime, especially if you have never encountered the criminal justice system before. It can seem like you are powerless to protect your constitutional rights, including your right to a fair trial.

Don’t Face The Charges By Yourself

Robert F. Rider, PLC, has provided aggressive criminal defense to the Roanoke, Virginia, area since 1979. Attorney Robert Rider believes in a strong, assertive defense. His nearly 50 years of legal experience practicing criminal defense in state and federal court helps him predict the most likely outcomes to your case, so you can make informed decisions and reduce potential penalties as much as possible.

Accepting All Criminal Case Types

We handle virtually all types of criminal charges, including:

No case is too simple — or too complex. As a solo practice, we devote our full attention to each client. Count on us to do everything possible on your behalf. Robert has earned a reputation throughout Virginia as a tough litigator who is always prepared to go to trial. Whatever happens, you will have the full power of your legal rights on your side. We also provide post-trial services, including expunging your record, getting you a conditional driver’s license and restoring your right to own a gun.

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

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