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Virginia woman faces 2nd DWI offense

The criminal justice system may seem complicated and overwhelming to those who are facing criminal charges. Without legal training, many defendants in Virginia are unsure of their options and may have difficulty determining how to best respond to the allegations against them. For example, a woman who is facing her second driving while intoxicated, or DWI, charge may ultimately decide to seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Virginia traffic stop leads to DUI charge

Anyone who has been behind the wheel of a vehicle likely knows the panic that is felt when a police car is spotted. Many people are unsure of how to appropriately respond when questioned by officers and may provide information that could ultimately be used against them. Unfortunately, a woman in Virginia is now facing a DUI charge following a traffic stop.

Virginia police pursuit leads to crash, DUI charge

Most drivers in Virginia are safe and committed to following laws; however, even safe drivers can sometimes be accused of driving too fast, for example. Unfortunately, an unexpected confrontation with law enforcement officers can be overwhelming, and the potential for one could cause some drivers to panic. In fact, police have accused a driver of DUI after they say he refused to stop for a police officer.

Drunk driving arrest made after fatal Virginia crash

Police officers likely encounter incidents, such as car accidents, that have multiple similarities to one another. For example, they may see a number of car accidents that happen during the evening hours that are connected with drunk driving. Because of this, it may be easy to make assumptions about the cause of an accident that happens at a certain time. It is unclear what led police to believe that a Virginia man was under the influence of alcohol when a fatal accident happened.

DUI suspected in fatal Virginia car accident

It is sometimes difficult to fully appreciate the fact that a single, relatively minor miscalculation when driving can have severe, even fatal consequences. Unfortunately, a recent car accident in Virginia has now resulted in a fatality and an arrest. State police believe that driving under the influence, or DUI, was a factor.

Man accused of DUI following Virginia crash

Many people in the United States spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of a vehicle, making it easy to forget the power of the vehicle they are driving. In fact, something as simple as momentarily crossing a dividing line could ultimately have devastating consequences. Even though it is easy for a motor vehicle accident to occur -- and happen so quickly that a driver does not have time to respond -- police in Virginia have charged a driver with DUI following a recent crash that resulted in a fatality. 

DUI suspected following Virginia police pursuit

When people find themselves in a stressful situation -- such as facing a confrontation with police officers -- they often react in unforeseen ways. Unfortunately, such a reaction can create additional complications for them. In fact, a man was recently arrested in Virginia after police say that he led them on a chase; he was reportedly arrested for DUI.

Refusing to take a breath test following DUI arrest in Virginia

When drivers are pulled over in Virginia, they often have questions about their rights when interacting with police officers. In fact, many people suspected of DUI often wonder about the legal requirements regarding the administration of certain tests. Fortunately, the experienced law firm of Robert F. Rider, PLC can help.

Man accused of drunk driving following fatal Virginia crash

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time of the day or night and for a variety of different reasons. Despite this, law enforcement officers in Virginia and across the country may be quick to make assumptions about the cause of accidents that happen at a certain time of day. For example, they may automatically suspect that drunk driving is a factor in accidents that happen during the early morning hours. 

Virginia man accused of DUI after rear-end crash

When a person is not feeling well, the natural thing for him or her to do is to go to the store and purchase over-the-counter medication to help treat the symptoms. Unfortunately, one Virginia man claims that such a trip occurred shortly before he was accused of causing an accident that sent two people to the hospital. He now faces DUI charges as a result.

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