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New device said to detect pot by breath

Virginia is not one of the nine states that has legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes but one of its neighbors, the District of Columbia, has done this. It therefore stands to reason that some people might legally use pot in Washington D.C. and later find themselves in Virginia. Alternatively people who live in Virginia may go into D.C. and legally smoke pot there. Either way, they should be aware of the growing push to find ways to arrest people for suspected impaired driving due to marijuana.

Drunk driving checkpoints over holiday weekend

People who live in Virginia are quite likely used to hearing about increased enforcement against suspected drunk driving when holiday times come around. This is not without some cause as certainly many people attend events where alcohol is served and then drive home. First, it is important for people to remember that doing this is not illegal. However, it can start to make one feel like that is being treated as illegal when the crackdown is so severe.

Health and field sobriety tests

People in Virginia who are arrested for driving under the influence offenses after supposedly failing one or more of the field sobriety tests used by officers should know that these tests are not 100-percent accurate. According to, the individual accuracy rates of these three tests ranges from a high of only 77 percent to a low of 65 percent.

Post-DUI job hunting

Despite the fact that a strong public stereotype continues to exist about the type of people who are arrested for drunk driving, the fact of the matter is that many very responsible people find themselves in this situation in Virginia every year. From doctors to lawyers to teachers and more, an arrest or conviction for driving under the influence has happened to more people than many might think.

Substance violations and CDLs in Virginia

If you hold a commercial driving license in Virginia, you know that there are several responsibilities associated with this special type of operating license. In some cases, you are actually held to a higher standard than is someone who holds a standard personal driving license. One example is when it comes to impaired driving offenses.

Ignition interlock basics

Residents in Virginia who are arrested for and charged with drunk driving offenses will want to understand the particulars surrounding some of the penalties they may face if they are ultimately convicted of a driving under the influence charge. One of these penalties may be the required installation and use of an ignition interlock device, also commonly referred to as an IID. 

How does the alcohol you drink end up in your lungs?

When referring to drunk driving laws in Roanoke, one number is often repeated: 0.08. This number the blood-alcohol content level recognized almost universally as being the standard at which you are considered legally drunk. Take note of how this test is a measurement of your blood. Yet if and when you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, law enforcement officials do not test a sample of your blood, but rather your breath. How is, then, that the alcohol you drink ends up in your lungs? 

The consequences of refusing a breath test in virginia

Seeing blue lights in one's rearview mirror can be a frightening experience, especially when alcohol is involved. Even a couple of small drinks could result in a whirlwind of fines and penalties. The topic of refusing a breath test is one highly debated across the nation. Currently, Virginia is one of only a few states that enforces penalties for refusing to take a breathalyzer test. 

The reality of drunk driving in virginia

Learning that a driving under the influence charge could lie ahead is, needless to say, a stressful experience. One's career, financial situation and even quality of life could be placed on the line after a DUI charge. Although Virginia laws work to protect all drivers on the road, some criticize the state's laws surrounding DUIs, DWIs and ignition interlock systems. What are Virginia's DUI laws, and have changes in recent years come with positive results? 

One-leg stand test not 100% accurate

Do you know someone who has been arrested for  a driving under the influence offense in Virginia? Have you actually been charged with a DUI offense yourself? Whether you want to help and support a friend or family member or need to defend yourself against such a charge, learning about the different tests used during the arrest process will be important for you.

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