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How can you defend against a DUI?

DUI charges are a serious matter. Even a first offense is enough to result in considerable fines, prison time, and a damaged record. Multiple convictions become even harder to defend and come with even more severe consequences, making it so important to keep your record lean as possible.

32% of all traffic stops in Virginia were related to alcohol. With so many people facing DUI charges, it is essential to understand that there are several viable defenses against these charges. Here are four effective defenses against DUI charges:

Unknowingly intoxication

There are several ways that someone could drive under the influence without knowing that they were intoxicated. If another person spiked their drink or otherwise drugged the driver, the driver may not be aware of this until they are already behind the wheel. New prescriptions also have ways of interacting negatively with even minor amounts of alcohol. These new reactions could cause a driver to become intoxicated much faster than they expected.


Sometimes, the best or only option is for a drunk person to drive. If someone gets hurt at a party, and no one is sober enough to take them to a hospital, someone still needs to help save the injured person’s life. If someone facing DUI charges can prove that they drove because of this, or some other type of necessity, they may be able to avoid a conviction.


If an intoxicated person drove because another person threatened them with harm or death, it may be a viable defense against DUI charges. An intoxicated person may not have had any other choice but to drive while under the influence, depending on how another person forced them to drive.

Prosecution errors

If the arresting officers made a critical mistake during the arrest, there might be grounds for dismissal. Tainted evidence may not be able to prove that the driver was drunk at the time of the arrest. If someone tampered with the evidence, it may also not be viable. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review the arrest’s evidence and circumstances to determine if there are grounds to defend against these charges successfully.

Do not give up right away

A lawyer who knows how to defend their clients against DUI charges knows what to look for while building a defense. An attorney’s experience can make a difference in the outcome of criminal charges, so be sure to consult with one if you are facing DUI charges.