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Can I get my gun rights back?

A felony conviction can permanently alter the course of your life. Even after you have served your time, that conviction can follow you through job interviews and educational opportunities, and it can also impact other important rights. In fact, if you have a felony record, then you have probably already lost your gun rights. But did you know that it is possible to restore those rights in Virginia?

Losing your gun rights means that you can no longer possess, buy or own a firearm for any reason at all. If you collected guns as a hobby or enjoyed hunting with your friends prior to your conviction, you know that this is no longer an option for you. You cannot own a firearm for self defense either, even if you live in a dangerous area.

In order to restore your gun rights, you must first file a petition to restore your civil rights with the governor’s office. This also includes your right to vote. After the governor’s office issues a letter order, you can then petition the circuit court for your gun rights. There is a good chance there will be an objection to your 2nd amendment right restoration, but it is possible to argue against any objection that does not have a sufficient basis.

Whether you have just one felony conviction from years ago or you have several convictions on your record, fighting for your gun rights in Virginia is absolutely possible. However, it does require a careful, experienced approach to do so successfully. You can learn more about this process and how we have guided others through it by visiting our website.