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Virginia woman requires DUI defense after accident

A woman from Manassas was arrested in Stafford County on suspicion of drunk driving, according to local sources. Virginia authorities in the area arrested the woman after she was observed traveling the wrong way on Warrenton Road on Sept. 8. She is currently being held against a $3,000 bond in Rappahannock Regional Jail, and it is unclear whether she has retained counsel to build a DUI defense at this time. 

According to the report, it appears that, at around 3:33 a.m., the 38-year-old suspect was driving south in the northbound lanes of Warrenton Road when she apparently passed a police officer headed north. The vehicles did not collide, but the deputy gave chase to her vehicle. Her vehicle was observed pulling from the northbound into the southbound lanes before leaving the road entirely and entering a ditch. 

The woman then pulled out of the ditch and continued to drive, nearly backing into a patrol car in the process. She was stopped n a parking lot, where deputies say they observed her displaying symptoms of intoxication, including glassy eyes and the smell of alcohol on her breath. They also stated that they observed several open containers of alcohol in the vehicle. The woman was arrested following roadside sobriety testing. 

A DUI defense requires that the attorney carefully review all the facts of the case, especially any roadside sobriety testing that may have been administered by Virginia police. This is to ensure the testing was accurate and done in accordance with the suspected person’s rights. A failure to properly observe protocol in a DUI arrest could result in the case being thrown out of court entirely.