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DUI defense: man allegedly strikes Virginia squad car

A man is facing a DUI charge following an accident that damaged a state police vehicle, according to local sources. The 32-year-old Woodbridge, Virginia, resident was arrested on site and charged. He will be represented in criminal court by a defense attorney who will work to build a DUI defense against the charges filed against him. 

According to the limited information provided in the report, it appears that a state trooper was completing an investigation into a different crash around 4 a.m. on Interstate 395. Apparently, while the officer was sitting in his vehicle, an SUV ran off the side of the interstate and crashed into the back of the officer’s car. The force of the impact badly damaged the police vehicle, as photos in the report show. 

The man was arrested on the scene and taken to a local detention center for processing. The officer who was in the car was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. It is not clear how officers on the scene determined the accused man’s alleged intoxicated state, as no mention was made of roadside sobriety testing, breath tests or blood tests. Regardless, the man now faces DUI charges in connection with the accident. 

If he is found guilty of these charges, the man could face the loss of his license, fines or even jail time. This is why it will be the duty of Virginia prosecutors to prove conclusively that the man was indeed intoxicated at the time of the crash. A DUI defense involves the defense attorney carefully reviewing all the facts of the case, including any testing that may have been done.