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Virginia driver accused of DUI after accident with state trooper

Most drivers in Virginia are committed to safety, including observing all traffic laws and abstaining from drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately, even the safest, most vigilant drivers can sometimes make an error in judgment, such as allowing their vehicle to drift out of the lanes of traffic on an interstate. While this is a relatively minor error and easily correctable, there can be complications if there is a vehicle on the shoulder of the road. Despite the ease of which an incident such as this can occur, police accused a driver of DUI following a similar incident.

The accident that led to the 32-year-old man’s arrest reportedly happened at approximately 4 a.m. on a day in late July. According to reports, a police officer was attempting to complete a crash investigation. Police say that a vehicle ran off the interstate and struck the state trooper’s vehicle.

Many details involving the man’s arrest are unclear, such as what led law enforcement officers to suspect that the driver was under the influence or what the results of a Breathalyzer or field sobriety test were. However, the driver was transported to a detention center before being taken to a hospital. Reports indicate that injuries were minor. 

Depending on the time an accident occurs, it may be easier for law enforcement officers to make assumptions about a driver’s sobriety. However, assumptions alone are insufficient to convict someone of criminal charges; there must be evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because those accused of DUI in Virginia may be unsure of their legal options — and which one is the best option for their individual circumstances — many choose to seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.