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August 2020 Archives

Don't lose your license because of too many traffic violations

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding? What about reckless or even impaired driving? Traffic violations are taken seriously in the state of Virginia and can have significant consequences. Don't lose your license because you have too many traffic violations on your record.

Virginia man accused of DWI after accident

Most all drivers in Virginia would likely indicate that they understand the potential harm they can cause if they are involved in a car accident. As a result, many take action to ensure that they are especially careful. Despite this, even the safest drivers can cause or become involved in a traffic accident. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers have recently charged a driver with DWI following an accident involving a bicyclist.

Virginia driver accused of DUI after accident with state trooper

Most drivers in Virginia are committed to safety, including observing all traffic laws and abstaining from drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately, even the safest, most vigilant drivers can sometimes make an error in judgment, such as allowing their vehicle to drift out of the lanes of traffic on an interstate. While this is a relatively minor error and easily correctable, there can be complications if there is a vehicle on the shoulder of the road. Despite the ease of which an incident such as this can occur, police accused a driver of DUI following a similar incident.

Don't submit to field sobriety tests

You're driving home after enjoying happy hour with the gang from work when you see those dreaded blue lights in your rearview mirror. You immediately regret that round of shooters or extra margarita that you let yourself get talked into.

Roanoke teen pleads guilty to reckless driving

The loss of a close friend or loved one is a devastating event. However, someone who is accused of being involved in causing the loss of someone he or she loved will likely have even more difficulty coping with such a tragedy. In fact, a teenager in Virginia was recently sentenced to 12 months in prison for reckless driving following a fatal accident.

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