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Driver responsible for crash with injuries charged with DUI

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Dui Defense

Police in Virginia recently arrested a woman they claim was impaired when she crashed her vehicle, leaving at least one person with injuries. This event occurred on the evening of June 27 in Franklin county. Outside of the DUI charge, it is unclear if any other charges are pending in this case.

According to reports, shortly after 7:45 p.m., police and rescue teams were called to an accident on Riverwood Road. When they arrived, they found a sedan with several occupants in the Smith River. One passenger had to be extricated from the vehicle and was transported via air-lift to a medical facility for the treatment of unspecified injuries. Thankfully, this individual is expected to recover.

The driver and other passengers walked away from the single-vehicle crash seemingly unharmed. However, as authorities believe the driver was impaired, she was charged with DUI. This individual’s identity has not been released to the public, and no court dates have been scheduled to address her case.

When charged with DUI, it is easy for someone to feel like defending him or herself is a waste of time. It isn’t, though. Not all evidence gathered by law enforcement is accurate or damning. There are various defense strategies that may help the accused as she fights for the best possible outcome. With the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, this individual will have the ability to question any evidence offered against her which may bring to light information that proves beneficial to her in a Virginia criminal court.