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Can felons in Virginia regain their right to bear arms?

Roanoke residents with felony convictions on their records should realize that there is a path available to them to regain their Second Amendment rights to bear arms.

Felons with federal convictions still must seek and obtain presidential pardons in order to have their rights to bear arms restored. But the process is not quite that difficult on the state level.

Why restoring your gun rights is vital

Suppose that you are an avid outdoorsman who would like to take your children or grandchildren deer hunting in the woods. You can’t legally do that as a convicted felon who is stripped of the right to bear arms.

You might also want to accept a job that requires you to carry a firearm. Or, it might be something as simple as wanting to protect your home and family from burglars or home invaders. Whatever your reasoning, you would like to once again be able to legally own and use firearms.

Where Virginia falls on the gun rights restoration spectrum

States like Minnesota and Montana probably have the easiest route to gun rights restoration of all the 50 states. In all, there are 11 states where firearm restoration rights are automatic and no prosecutorial review is necessary if the convicts have served their time and remained out of trouble.

Virginia might be a little stricter, but convicted residents can still petition the courts in order to get their rights to bear arms restored even if their convictions were for violent felonies.

How the process works

While most civil rights can be restored after a felon’s debt to society has been paid, a convict’s Second Amendment rights here in Virginia are usually automatically excluded.

Either securing an official pardon from the Virginia Governor or by petitioning said Governor via the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia can restore your right to bear arms. You may also need to file a petition with the Circuit Court in the city or county of your residence in order to fully restore your Second Amendment rights.

But you might need a little legal assistance

In order to get it done right the first time and have your Second Amendment rights restored to you as quickly as possible, seeking guidance from a Roanoke gun rights restoration attorney is advisable.