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July 2020 Archives

Expungements Q and A

When convicted of a crime, there is nothing wrong with wanting to clear one's record or ensure it is sealed. Having a conviction set aside can change one's life for the better. This week's column will address a few common questions many people have before deciding whether to pursue expungements in the state of Virginia.

Driver responsible for crash with injuries charged with DUI

Police in Virginia recently arrested a woman they claim was impaired when she crashed her vehicle, leaving at least one person with injuries. This event occurred on the evening of June 27 in Franklin county. Outside of the DUI charge, it is unclear if any other charges are pending in this case.

Handheld cellphone use now traffic violation in Virginia

There are multiple different distractions that can occur while driving. For some, simply talking with a passenger or reaching for a dropped item could result in a car accident. However, Virginia legislators have recently turned their attention to handheld cell phoneuse. Gov. Northam recently signed a bill that makes such use while driving a traffic violation.

Traffic violations: July brings new laws for Virginia drivers

The intent of most traffic laws is to ensure the safety of those using the roadways, whether that is as a pedestrian or motorist. Unfortunately, some people may find themselves facing traffic violations if they are unaware of the laws. In some cases, certain actions that may result in charges may have been misconstrued or misrepresented.

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