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Virginia woman faces 2nd DWI offense

The criminal justice system may seem complicated and overwhelming to those who are facing criminal charges. Without legal training, many defendants in Virginia are unsure of their options and may have difficulty determining how to best respond to the allegations against them. For example, a woman who is facing her second driving while intoxicated, or DWI, charge may ultimately decide to seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The incident that led to the woman’s most recent arrest reportedly happened during the afternoon hours of a day in early June. Police claim that they received a call about someone driving erratically in a parking lot. Soon after, they reportedly received a second call indicating that the driver was unconscious in a vehicle. 

Following this second call, police reportedly located a  42-year-old driver who they believed to be the subject of the calls. Police claim that the woman was intoxicated, but it is unclear how this determination was made or what her blood alcohol concentration was at the time. Reports from the day after the woman’s arrest indicate that she was being held without bond.

Despite reports in the news media, a person is presumed to be innocent unless sufficient evidence is provided in court to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, it may be easy for law enforcement officers to make assumptions — based on a person’s prior history, for example — that are not based completely on the facts of the case. With the help of a legal professional, the Virginia woman may feel more prepared to make the decisions in connection with the DWI charge that will likely impact the rest of her life.