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Virginia traffic stop leads to DUI charge

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Dui Defense

Anyone who has been behind the wheel of a vehicle likely knows the panic that is felt when a police car is spotted. Many people are unsure of how to appropriately respond when questioned by officers and may provide information that could ultimately be used against them. Unfortunately, a woman in Virginia is now facing a DUI charge following a traffic stop.

The incident involved a 44-year-old woman. Reports indicate that an officer pulled her over as a result of a defective headlight. However, the officer claims he could smell alcohol and marijuana coming from within the vehicle.

The woman allegedly admitted to drinking two shots and a few beers prior to the traffic stop. The officer claims that once the woman realized that she was going to jail, she admitted to having a pill bottle that contained marijuana. The woman’s BAC was reportedly .08.

In addition to the charge of DUI, the woman is also charged with possession of marijuana. When an individual is facing such a charge, there are multiple factors to consider; however, many in Virginia who have little to no legal training or experience may be unaware of these issues. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can carefully examine the details of the case, potentially including the accuracy of a breath test, to help defendants determine how to best respond to the accusations against them. With such a professional on their side, those who are suspected of driving under the influence often feel better prepared to make informed decisions, including making the determination of whether to fight the charges in court or negotiate for and accept a plea deal, if offered.