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Reckless driving charge filed in fatal Virginia accident

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Traffic Violations

Even the most well-maintained vehicles can experience malfunctions that can have severe consequences. Despite this, police in Virginia apparently believe that a fatal motor vehicle accident in Virginia was caused by a failure to maintain a vehicle. As a result, a man now faces a charge of reckless driving.

The incident that led to the charge against the man reportedly happened during the afternoon hours of a day in late April. Investigators recently obtained an arrest warrant following the completion of an investigation; law enforcement officials claim that they discovered multiple defects in the pickup truck that caused the accident. The defendant reportedly turned himself in soon afterward.

According to reports, the defendant was driving a pickup truck when he exited a Virginia interstate. Unfortunately, he is accused of striking the rear of a sedan. The driver of the sedan was transported to the hospital by helicopter but died the next day.

The man who police say was driving the pickup truck is now charged with reckless driving related to defective equipment, bad brakes and a counterfeit inspection. He was released on a court summons. The loss of a life is always a tragic event and often results in the need to hold someone accountable. However, a person is presumed to be innocent unless evidence is provided in court that proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, a standard that is often difficult to meet. To ensure that he knows how to property respond to the accusations against him, he may benefit from the guidance of an experienced professional.