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June 2020 Archives

Reckless driving charge after fatal Virginia motorcycle accident

There are a variety of different types of motor vehicles that are legally allowed to be used on Virginia roadways. However, some vehicles -- such as motorcycles -- may be more difficult for other drivers to see due to their smaller size, especially at night. Unfortunately, a woman now faces a reckless driving charge after she was reportedly involved in an accident that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist.

Reckless driving charge filed in fatal Virginia accident

Even the most well-maintained vehicles can experience malfunctions that can have severe consequences. Despite this, police in Virginia apparently believe that a fatal motor vehicle accident in Virginia was caused by a failure to maintain a vehicle. As a result, a man now faces a charge of reckless driving.

Virginia driver faces traffic violations in fatal accident

Most people would agree that tow truck drivers perform an essential function. Unfortunately, their jobs often require them to park just off the lanes of traffic on busy roadways, making their jobs inherently risky. In fact, a tow truck driver in Virginia was recently killed in a car accident as he was standing outside of his truck; the other driver allegedly involved now faces traffic violations.

Virginia woman faces 2nd DWI offense

The criminal justice system may seem complicated and overwhelming to those who are facing criminal charges. Without legal training, many defendants in Virginia are unsure of their options and may have difficulty determining how to best respond to the allegations against them. For example, a woman who is facing her second driving while intoxicated, or DWI, charge may ultimately decide to seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Virginia traffic stop leads to DUI charge

Anyone who has been behind the wheel of a vehicle likely knows the panic that is felt when a police car is spotted. Many people are unsure of how to appropriately respond when questioned by officers and may provide information that could ultimately be used against them. Unfortunately, a woman in Virginia is now facing a DUI charge following a traffic stop.

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