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Strategies in response to traffic violations

There is likely not a single driver in Virginia or across the country who has not at some point driven faster than the posted speed limit. Unfortunately, getting a ticket for such an action can ultimately have serious professional and financial consequences. While some people may believe that they have no choice but to pay fines associated with allegations of several different traffic violations, there are other options available to them. 

One strategy is disputing the officer’s version of events. Many tickets are the result of a police officer’s subjective judgment of events, such as driving unsafely or making an unsafe lane change. For example, if there is heavy traffic and a police officer was in front of the alleged violator, the latter could argue that the officer’s attention was likely more focused on the conditions in front of him or her rather than what was happening behind.

Another potential strategy involves admitting to the allegation but arguing that the action was justified. Rather than disputing the officer’s version of events, the person argues that their action was necessary. For example, if a person was feeling dizzy or light-headed, an abrupt lane change to exit the roadway may have been necessary to prevent a motor vehicle accident due to a loss of consciousness.

There are a variety of other ways to respond to allegations involving traffic violations. Unfortunately, many people in Virginia are unprepared for the financial consequences of such accusations which can include both fines and an increase in insurance costs. For some, it could also result in the loss of employment. Because of this, many choose to consult with a traffic law attorney to help them understand their options beyond paying the fine.