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Virginia driver charged with reckless driving, pedestrian injured

Because many people spend so much time behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is sometimes easy to forget just how quickly an accident can happen and the potential harm that a collision can cause. In fact, even the safest of drivers can make a mistake or miscalculation that could result in an accident. Unfortunately, a Virginia driver is now charged with reckless driving following an accident that reportedly sent a man to the hospital.

The incident happened during the afternoon hours of a day in late March. According to reports made by the Virginia State Police, a 54-year-old woman was headed east on a Virginia road. It is believed that she lost control of her vehicle.

The vehicle reportedly exited the right side of the road where it struck an 81-year-old man who was in his yard. Unfortunately, reports indicate that the man suffered serious injuries, and he was transported to the hospital by helicopter. The woman police say was driving the vehicle was not injured.

Though the accident remains under investigation, reports indicate that the Virginia woman is facing a charge of reckless driving. Unfortunately, she must now make multiple critical decisions as a result of the incident — decisions that could ultimately impact the rest of her life. Because many people facing charges are unsure of their options due to a lack of training and experience with the justice system, they often choose to consult with an experienced professional, giving them the ability to make the decisions with confidence.