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I-81 car crash in Virginia leads to reckless driving charge

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2020 | Traffic Violations

A car accident can happen at any time of the day or night. Often, events change so quickly that drivers do not have an opportunity to properly respond before a collision occurs. Unfortunately, a driver in Virginia now faces a reckless driving charge following an accident that remains under investigation.

The incident reportedly happened just before 3 a.m. on a day in early April. According to reports, a 34-year-old man was headed south on I-81. Though police say that the man was traveling at a high rate of speed, it is unclear how fast he is believed to have been driving at the time of the collision. Unfortunately, his vehicle reportedly struck a sports utility vehicle that was also headed south.

According to reports, the man’s vehicle caught fire as a result of the collision, but he was uninjured. The driver of the SUV, a 48-year-old woman, and a passenger, an 83-year-old man, both suffered serious injuries in the crash. Reports claim that neither of them were wearing seat belts. 

The man has since been charged with reckless driving as a result of the Virginia collision. In the coming days, he will have to make decisions as he responds to the accusations against him. Unfortunately, such charges could have a significant impact on his life. Despite this, he may lack confidence in his ability to make informed decisions; fortunately, there are experienced professionals who provide him the guidance he needs to fully understand his options and the potential consequences of each.