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April 2020 Archives

Virginia driver charged with reckless driving, pedestrian injured

Because many people spend so much time behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is sometimes easy to forget just how quickly an accident can happen and the potential harm that a collision can cause. In fact, even the safest of drivers can make a mistake or miscalculation that could result in an accident. Unfortunately, a Virginia driver is now charged with reckless driving following an accident that reportedly sent a man to the hospital.

DUI suspected in fatal Virginia car accident

It is sometimes difficult to fully appreciate the fact that a single, relatively minor miscalculation when driving can have severe, even fatal consequences. Unfortunately, a recent car accident in Virginia has now resulted in a fatality and an arrest. State police believe that driving under the influence, or DUI, was a factor.

I-81 car crash in Virginia leads to reckless driving charge

A car accident can happen at any time of the day or night. Often, events change so quickly that drivers do not have an opportunity to properly respond before a collision occurs. Unfortunately, a driver in Virginia now faces a reckless driving charge following an accident that remains under investigation.

Doctor shopping can lead to big problems

You may not realize that you could face arrest for visiting multiple physicians in order to get prescriptions for opioid drugs and other scheduled medications. This practice, known colloquially as "doctor shopping," can land you in jail here in Virginia.

Virginia man accused of reckless driving after car accident

The vast majority of motor vehicle drivers in Virginia are committed to driving safely. However, car accidents can happen so quickly -- even to the safest of drivers -- that drivers may not have time to respond. Unfortunately, one man now faces a charge of reckless driving following an accident involving a state trooper.

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