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Virginia attorney helps those seeking expungements

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Expungements

There are some people in Virginia who have made mistakes in their lives resulting in criminal accusations. There are others who were accused of crimes that they did not commit; however, criminal charges — even if there was a not guilty verdict in trial — can remain on a person’s record, creating complications for them for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, Robert F. Rider, PLC is available to help these people in Virginia. Help could potentially include the pursuit of expungements.

Our attorney has experience seeking expungements in a variety of different cases, including those involving felonies and DUIs. There are a variety of different scenarios in which a person could be granted an expungement. These include someone whose identity was stolen and was then used in a crime, someone who was convicted but later pardoned, someone who pleaded not guilty and was ultimately found not guilty or in the case of someone who had the charges against them dropped prior to going to trial. 

There is a process involved in seeking an expungement. Ultimately, the person must petition the court; the petition must include an explanation of why he or she is entitled to an expungement. If the Commonwealth’s attorney opposes the request, a judge will ultimately have to determine whether it should be granted. 

Many people in Virginia struggle to successfully apply for a job or rent an apartment because of their criminal record. Some of these people may ultimately choose to seek expungements so that they can fully leave behind their past. Having an experienced professional such as Robert F. Rider, PLC on their side could help them achieve their goals.