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February 2020 Archives

Police say drunk driving factor in Virginia crash

When driving on Virginia roadways, it is easy for drivers to take their safety for granted. However, the simple fact is that on many roadways, the only thing protecting drivers from crashing into one another is a strip of paint on the center of the road. Most drivers have likely experienced a moment in which they have allowed their vehicles to cross that line, typically with mild consequences. However, one woman now faces criminal charges, including claims of drunk driving, following a collision in which she was allegedly involved that resulted in the loss of life.

DUI suspected in fatal Virginia crash

Anyone who has spent time behind the wheel of a vehicle likely knows how easy it is to miss a traffic sign or signal, even for drivers who are typically committed to driving safely. Unfortunately, a single missed red light can have serious consequences. In fact, police claim that a missed red light was the cause of a fatal car accident in Virginia. One driver was arrested for DUI as a result.

DUI charge for off-duty Virginia deputy

Law enforcement officers across the United States are often looked upon with a great deal of scrutiny from the communities that they serve. As such, if a sheriff's deputy, for example, is accused or suspected of a crime, regardless of the evidence that may support those suspicions, there may be an eagerness to prove that action is being taken. In fact, an off-duty sheriff's deputy in Virginia was recently charged with DUI.

What to do if you face peer pressure to drink

Regardless of your age, there may come a point when you feel peer pressure to drink alcohol. For example, if you're in college, your friends may pressure you to go out on the weekend and consume as a means of having a good time. Or if you're an adult, your coworkers may pressure you to take in happy hour with them.

Virginia attorney helps those seeking expungements

There are some people in Virginia who have made mistakes in their lives resulting in criminal accusations. There are others who were accused of crimes that they did not commit; however, criminal charges -- even if there was a not guilty verdict in trial -- can remain on a person's record, creating complications for them for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, Robert F. Rider, PLC is available to help these people in Virginia. Help could potentially include the pursuit of expungements.

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