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Virginia driver charged with DUI in rollover accident

Most drivers likely know of the panic experienced when their vehicle runs off the road due to a single moment of inattention or misjudging a curve, even if it is only one tire. Instinct often kicks in, prompting drivers to take action without thought. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in an overcorrection and, ultimately, cause an accident. In fact, a man in Virginia now faces DUI allegations after an accident that apparently resulted in a similar incident.

Reports indicate that the accident in question happened just after 10 p.m. on a day in early December. The 38-year-old driver was reportedly driving a pickup truck when the vehicle ran off the left side of the road while the driver was maneuvering a curve. The truck is said to have crossed over to the right side of the road where it rolled and struck a tree.

A 6-year-old in the vehicle was reportedly seriously injured in the accident and transported to the hospital by helicopter. The driver, who was wearing a seat belt, was also seriously injured. He has since been arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

Despite the DUI charge against the man, it is unclear what supports the allegations against him. As a result of the accident, the Virginia man is left to make decisions that will likely impact the rest of his life while also recovering from his injuries. As such, he may choose to consult with an attorney with experience with such cases who can help him fully understand his options for defending against the formal accusations.