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December 2019 Archives

Virginia man accused of drunk driving after fatal holiday crash

A car accident can happen at any time of the day or night. Even a single moment of inattention can cause a driver to fail to notice a car stopped at a traffic light, for example. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident in Virginia has resulted in an accusation of drunk driving against one driver.

Drunk driving suspected in fatal Virginia car crash

The criminal justice system can be complicated. Unfortunately, people are often left facing choices that they feel unprepared to make. In fact, a man in Virginia may be considering the legal options available to him after law enforcement officers accused him of being involved in a single-vehicle drunk driving accident that resulted in a fatality. 

Virginia driver charged with DUI in rollover accident

Most drivers likely know of the panic experienced when their vehicle runs off the road due to a single moment of inattention or misjudging a curve, even if it is only one tire. Instinct often kicks in, prompting drivers to take action without thought. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in an overcorrection and, ultimately, cause an accident. In fact, a man in Virginia now faces DUI allegations after an accident that apparently resulted in a similar incident.

Virginia man accused of DUI after construction accident

Driving at night can be disorienting in the best of conditions. However, the lights associated with a construction site can make it even more difficult for drivers. Despite this, a man in Virginia is now facing a DUI charge after he allegedly drove into workers at a construction site.

Drunk driving suspected in Virginia beltway crash

Anyone who has driven on the beltway in Virginia likely knows that it can be an intimidating and confusing undertaking, even for those who have experience doing so. As a result, it is understandable that someone driving during the early morning hours could become disoriented. Despite this, police believe that drunk driving was a factor when a driver headed the wrong way on the interstate. 

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