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Using traffic school to your advantage

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Traffic Violations

When you have received a traffic ticket in Virginia, you may be allowed the opportunity to go to traffic school to reduce the impact that your ticket has on your insurance and driving record. At Robert F. Rider, PLC, we are committed to helping people get their traffic violations addressed in as timely a manner as possible to optimize their resources.

You are not allowed to go to traffic school repetitively if you have received numerous tickets in a certain period of time. Generally, your opportunity to attend traffic school comes once and if you choose to attend, you will not have that option again for a set period of time. Too many tickets can make your driving record stand out to insurance companies and law enforcement and result in negative consequences including an increase in your insurance premiums, significant fines and even license suspension or probation for repeat offenses. 

According to, your eligibility to attend traffic school is dependent on where you receive your ticket, whether or not you have recently received other tickets and if that option is even available at the time you receive your ticket. If it is an option, the ticket you were given should include a telephone number of who to contact to set up a time and day to participate in the course. If you are able to attend, pay attention to what is being taught and use the information to improve your driving habits so you can avoid more traffic tickets in the future. 

Understanding the benefit and purpose of attending traffic school if it is an option available to you, can help you to optimize your experience and reduce the impact your ticket has in your life. For more information about what to do if you have received a traffic violation, visit our web page.