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Retailers move forward to ban open carry

For many residents in Virginia and around the United States, the right granted to them by the U.S. Constitution to bear arms is one that is integral to being an American citizen. However, it may feel to many people that this right is under siege today. The continuing and disturbing number of mass shootings has led to several calls for changes in the nation’s gun laws. To date, no major amendments have been made from a legal standpoint, however.

Every state is allowed to have its own gun laws that outline when or where a person may carry a firearm. In addition, individual businesses may have policies that dictate who can or who cannot bring a gun into their stores, offices or restaurants. These policies might be slightly different than the state laws.

According to a CNN report, several major national retailers and pharmacy companies have recently announced changes to their firearm policies. Even if a store exists in a state that allows citizens to openly carry a firearm, a person is not allowed to do so their locations. These companies include Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Kroger. Walmart has historically sold firearms and ammunition but is said to be making changes to what products it will sell as well.

The companies are expected to post signs outside their stores informing patrons of their new policies. No details on any other enforcement or communication methods about these policies have been made public at this time so it is unclear to people exactly what to expect.