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Future of gun rights legislation uncertain

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Gun Rights Restoration

For many people in Virginia, the topic of gun rights is a key focus these days. This can be the case regardless of someone’s political leanings or their personal point of view on guns. It can be influenced by their own experiences with firearms.

For some people, there is a great level of concern that what they consider to be a fundamental right guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution may be stripped away. For others, there is an equal concern that they and their families are not safe under the current laws as mass shootings appear to now be more the norm than the exception and they happen is so many different environments and locations.

As reported by CNBC recently, a new call for reform to the existing gun control laws in the country has been made by a group of business leaders. A letter was presented to Congress that requested the legislative body to enact laws that would mandate everyone interested in buying a gun to undergo a background check before their purchase could be completed. The letter also pressed for the allowance of red flag laws. These laws would give a person’s relatives or a law enforcement office the right to request that they could not be allowed to purchase a firearm. It is expected some evidence would be required to support this type of request but details on that are not know at this time.

The letter was signed by 145 chief executive officers from a myriad of companies across a wide range of industries.