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August 2019 Archives

Woman seems caught by updating laws

People who live in Virginia and who are arrested for drunk driving know that they may face a myriad of penalties if they are convicted. The consequences associated with a conviction for driving under the influence have evolved over the years. One of the changes that has taken place is regarding the required use of ignition interlock devices, or IIDs as they are commonly known.

Gun carry laws in Virginia

With many people in Virginia and around the nation discussing gun laws in light of the continued tragedies that occur when people engage in mass shootings, it is important for you to be aware of the laws regarding guns in Virginia. Every state is allowed to have their own laws so you cannot assume these are like others you may have known if you moved here from another part of the country.

Reviewing the margin of error in breathalyzer devices

Those facing drunk driving charges in Roanoke may think that there options for challenging the charges against them are limited if authorities are using the results of a breathalyzer test against them. The common school of thought is that such results offer scientific proof of one’s intoxication, yet that may not necessarily be true. As is the case with almost every measuring device, there is a degree of error that should be taken into account when dealing with breathalyzer devices. Knowing what that may be requires that one also understand how a breathalyzer test generates a measurement. 

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