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Four injured when car strikes highway guardrail

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2019 | Dui Defense

It may be easy for people in Roanoke to simply assume that anyone who allegedly drives after drinking has little thought or care for the safety of others. Of course, such an assumption requires believing that any person suspected of driving under the influence knew of the dangers that they were creating and chose to drive anyway. Oftentimes, that simply is not the case. Rather, one who is accused of DUI may have indeed believed themselves to be lucid enough to drive, or perhaps felt that they had little choice but to drive after attempting to make alternate arrangements. 

A recent crash that occurred in Pennsylvania may serve to show exactly why one might feel compelled to drive (even after drinking). A group of people from Ohio were driving home after having been drinking. While traveling along a state highway early in the morning, the car the group was traveling in left the road and hit a guardrail. Four people (including the driver) sustained serious injuries in the crash and were rushed to local hospitals for treatment; another passenger was able to escape serious injury. A subsequent test administered to the driver showed his blood alcohol content to be well above the legal limit. 

Although it was not reported if it played a role in this case, drivers may often feel as though they have little choice but to drive if they have been with a group that had been drinking and they feel as though they are the most alert and aware. While not an excuse for their decision to allegedly drive while intoxicated, such circumstances may be considered when contemplated any criminal penalties that may be assessed against a driver. Those wanting to ensure this happens may want to seek out the services of a defense attorney.