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How to avoid police — and trouble — on a summer road trip

Taking a road trip in Virginia can be an enjoyable experience, but things can take a turn for the worse if you’re pulled over by police.

While this is always a concern, even if you’re following the rules of the road, there are steps you can take to avoid police and the associated trouble. Here are several things to keep in mind from the second you get behind the wheel:

  • Practice defensive driving: Aggressive drivers, such as those who are speeding and always changing lanes, are more likely to find themselves in trouble with police. Not only does defensive driving help you avoid legal trouble, but it also lessens the likelihood of an accident.
  • Know the law: From speed limits to no passing zones, it’s a must to understand the laws on the roads you’re driving. Also, keep in mind that things will change over the course of your road trip, such as the speed limit.
  • Beware of speed traps: Before leaving home, search online for more information on potential speed traps set up along your route. Also, keep an eye out for areas that set up nicely for a trap, such as a stretch of highway where the speed limit quickly changes.
  • Don’t act suspicious: You’re likely to see more than one police officer on your road trip. If you act suspicious, such as trying to avoid eye contact, the officer is likely to take notice.

What to do if you’re pulled over

Even if you do your best to avoid police on your summer road trip, you could still find yourself pulled over and worried about what’s to come. Take these steps at this time:

  • Keep your hands on the wheel
  • Provide the officer with all requested documents (license, registration and insurance)
  • Remain courteous throughout the stop
  • Don’t talk back or attempt to explain your legal rights

It doesn’t matter if you’re pulled over for speeding, running a traffic light or suspicion of DUI. If you’re in this position, your nerves will kick in and your mind will race.

If you’re arrested for any reason, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, don’t resist. Once you’re processed, you can learn more about your arrest, the charges and the type of defense strategy you can use to escape trouble.

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