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Gun rights in Virginia to be reviewed

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2019 | Gun Rights Restoration

Regardless of a person’s views on owning and shooting guns or gun rights in general, most people in Virginia are likely to be horrified about the recent shooting that took place in late May in Virginia Beach. The loss of a dozen lives at once is hard for any community to take in and make sense of. However, this event does not necessarily mean that every resident in Virginia will share the same views on how to prevent these events from happening in the future.

As reported by Fox News, the Governor of Virginia has called for a special session of the state legislature to convene next month. The sole focus of that session is to be gun control and gun rights. Virginia is generally considered to be a state in which the protection of residents’ constitutional right to own firearms has been protected vehemently, potentially in part because the state is the home of the National Rifle Association.

Some lawmakers have said that they are not willing to consider making it harder for all people to get guns universally. However, they have voiced some support for imposing new sentencing criteria for defendants who have been convicted of criminal activity in which a gun is involved.

The Governor has proposed making a background check universally required before any firearm can be purchased by anyone. He has also been said to suggest that the state should consider banning the sale and use of silencers. Residents around the state will no doubt be watching the outcome of the special session carefully.