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June 2019 Archives

How does alcohol consumption impact your body?

Drinking and driving will not only land you in legal trouble, it may also cause a devastating accident that can injure yourself and other drivers. This has much do with alcohol's complex effect on a person's body, which goes far beyond just diminishing motor skills. Very Well Mind offers the following information. 

Gun rights in Virginia to be reviewed

Regardless of a person's views on owning and shooting guns or gun rights in general, most people in Virginia are likely to be horrified about the recent shooting that took place in late May in Virginia Beach. The loss of a dozen lives at once is hard for any community to take in and make sense of. However, this event does not necessarily mean that every resident in Virginia will share the same views on how to prevent these events from happening in the future.

Filing for an expungement

If you are one of the many people in Virginia who has been arrested for and charged with a criminal offense, you may well have experienced some negative consequences associated with having this event on your permanent record. There are some situations in which you may be able to have details of this event removed, making it easier for you to go forward and rebuild your life in a positive manner.

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