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May 2019 Archives

Va drivers see increased law enforcement presence during holiday

People hitting the road during the holiday have seen a larger presence of law enforcement on Virginia streets and highways than usual, and that is entirely by design. Authorities in both Virginia and Maryland have augmented patrols in anticipation of projected increased traffic volumes over the three-day Memorial Day weekend.

VDOT looking at new ways to catch toll avoiders

Residents in Virginia who have ever driven in the carpool lane on Interstate 66, also called the high occupancy vehicle lane, know that there are places where drivers are supposed to pay a fee for using this lane. A recent report by ARLnow indicates that state officials believe that many drivers who should be paying the toll are not doing so. In addition, there is some question as to whether or not every vehicle in the HOV lane should really be there based on the number of people in the vehicle.

How to talk to your teen about driver safety

If you have a teen driver in Virginia, it is important to have a talk about driver safety prior to handing the car keys over. After all, it is a lot better to prevent accidents before they happen than to have to deal with them after the fact. We here at Robert F. Rider, PLC want you to know that there are specific things you should discuss with your teen driver to help her or him remain safe on the roadways. 

Penalties for Virginia’s repeat DWI offenders

As a Virginia resident who already has a conviction for driving while intoxicated on your record, you likely have firsthand knowledge of just how much of an emotional and financial toll such a conviction can have on a person. You may, too, recognize that a subsequent DWI charge has the capacity to land you in even more serious trouble. Attorney Robert F. Rider, PLC, understands that penalties increase in severity with each additional DWI conviction, and he has helped many people facing repeat-DWI charges work to minimize the damage the charges cause them.

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