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Push to stop requiring license suspensions makes progress

There are many valuable reasons why courts across Virginia will suspend a person’s driver’s license. Excessive traffic violations, reckless operating of a motor vehicle and even failure to pay child support are just some of the reasons why peoples driver’s licenses are suspended nationwide. However, there are certain groups of people that may experience far more serious repercussions when their license is temporarily taken away. 

In a recent push to change a long-standing law, lawmakers in California have reinstated the licenses of 88,000 people who did not show up to court over fines for various traffic violations. The mayor of San Francisco who played a critical role in pushing for the policy change clarified that the suspensions for people accused of driving dangerously or recklessly stood in place and would not be removed until consequences were paid by those perpetrators. 

The change is instrumental in helping people who are too poor to pay the fine for their traffic violation, to continue to utilize their driving privileges. Proponents of the change were concerned over a growing number of people with license suspensions, who primarily were low-income or poverty-stricken individuals. Their inability to pay their fines resulted in their driving privileges being taken away for the foreseeable future thus impacting their ability to maintain their job if it required driving, as well as care for their families. While San Francisco is the first city to adopt the policy nationwide, the hope is that more cities will continue to follow suit. 

If people have been negatively impacted as the result of their license being suspended, an attorney may be able to help. Legal professionals have the experience to look closely at a situation and help pull evidence that supports a person’s ability to have their license reinstated. 

Source:, “Movement to Block Courts From Suspending Driver’s Licenses From Poor People Takes A Huge Step,” Nigel Roberts, Apr. 18, 2019