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Can those convicted of felonies get gun rights back in Virginia?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Gun Rights Restoration

You may depend on guns for home protection. Marksmanship may be your hobby. You may want to continue a tradition of hunting. Guns are an important part of many aspects of American culture, and having your capabilities impugned upon can be frustrating for various reasons.

Every case is different, but you may have the opportunity to you get your firearms rights back, even if you were convicted of a felony in Virginia. Your chances of success would probably depend on several factors.

As mentioned on the State of Virginia website, one of the most important considerations would probably be whether your conviction was in the federal or state court system. The federal level would require action from the ATF, whereas state felonies would require a document from the governor of Virginia.

The other important factor is whether your political disabilities were removed. The restoration of your rights, such as voting, acting as a juror or holding public office, would probably have to come before the full restoration of your firearm rights. 

The law can be confusing on these points. You may feel like you have done enough, only to find that you need more procedures and documentation. A partial restoration of firearm rights may not be enough for you to own guns again. If you have recently moved, you may find that you need further paperwork to communicate the pardon or reprieve that the governor of your previous state of residence issued.

Many people who were convicted of felonies now enjoy full gun rights, but the success of your own process could depend on several factors. Please do not take this as legal advice pursuant to any situation. It is only meant as general background information.