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April 2019 Archives

Push to stop requiring license suspensions makes progress

There are many valuable reasons why courts across Virginia will suspend a person's driver's license. Excessive traffic violations, reckless operating of a motor vehicle and even failure to pay child support are just some of the reasons why peoples driver's licenses are suspended nationwide. However, there are certain groups of people that may experience far more serious repercussions when their license is temporarily taken away. 

Can those convicted of felonies get gun rights back in Virginia?

You may depend on guns for home protection. Marksmanship may be your hobby. You may want to continue a tradition of hunting. Guns are an important part of many aspects of American culture, and having your capabilities impugned upon can be frustrating for various reasons.

Reform in the criminal justice system

People in Virginia who are arrested for and ultimately convicted of criminal offenses often want to understand the penalties they may face. In addition to the penalties, people should pay special attention to how they may rebuild their lives once they have served their sentences. For many, this can be made more difficult due to the laws that are in place. Today, many are calling for greater criminal justice reform in part to aid positive reintroductions for people being released from prisons.

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