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Criminal charges and drug addiction sometimes intersect

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

People who are addicted to drugs face a very difficult life. The pull to the drugs impacts every aspect of their functioning so they are unable to truly focus on anything else. There are some instances in which the person’s drug of choice has such as huge impact on their brain that all they can think about is getting their next fix.

When you think about the severity of drug addiction, you might wonder exactly how far these individuals will go to get the drug they need. For some, the answer is that they will do anything that they have to do to get it. This might even include turning to criminal activity to get those drugs. This puts the criminal court system right at the intersection of drug addiction and criminal activity.

Addressing addiction

One of the biggest problem in the criminal justice system is that many courts don’t address the drug addiction in people who are charged with possession or other criminal charges that stem from the addiction. This means that the person might be off the drugs while they are behind bars but they will likely return to the drugs when they are released.

When a person who facing an addiction needs the drugs that they crave, they might turn to other criminal activities. This could be theft to get money for the drugs or even selling drugs to get what they need. For this reason, the court system needs to consider a possible drug addiction in all criminal cases.

There is also the chance that the drug addiction might lead to the person acting out of character, which may lead to criminal activities like a rage-fueled assault. Even in this case, addressing the addiction might be necessary.

Court systems have options

In the past, there weren’t any court systems that could address the drug addiction. Some courts now have specialized programs, known as drug courts, that help to address the underlying addiction. The participants in this program must go through rehabilitation, but they do this under the court’s supervision. The terms are very strict, and only certain defendants qualify for the program.

For people who are addicted to drugs, be sure that you discuss this with your attorney. There is a chance that you might be able to get help for that when you are dealing with the criminal case against you. Finding out the options that you have as early in your case as possible can help you make decisions about your defense strategy.