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A DUI and your job

Any person in Virginia who is placed under arrest and charged with a suspected driving under the influence arrest needs to learn how the experience may impact their life, regardless of whether they are ultimately convicted or not. For college students or new graduates, the impact may well include their ability to get a job or keep a job offer.

If or how much a single DUI event may affect a person’s professional life depends on a variety of factors. As explained by the Houston Chronicle, one of these factors is whether or not the person is convicted of a drunk driving charge. A conviction is certainly a worse event than an arrest without a conviction but not just because of the reputation associated with each one. A conviction may end up sending a person to jail or prison for a period of time and that definitely could make it hard to hold down a job, depending on the length of the incarceration.

The nature of a person’s job or job offer may also come into play when determining the impact of a drunk driving offense. A job in which a person may be working with children or medications may be one in which employers place more emphasis on a DUI.

BACtrack recommends that people proactively tell employers about an arrest before they happen to find out from a background check. In discussing the event, people should focus on what they have learned to reassure the employer that the behavior will not be repeated.