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February 2019 Archives

Why it does not pay to blow off your traffic court date

At Robert F. Rider, PLC, in Virginia, we realize that you can sometimes miss a court date through no fault of your own. We also realize, however, that when a lot of people get a traffic ticket, they fail to take it as seriously as they should. They seem to think that if they treat it with benign neglect, eventually it will simply disappear.

Knowing the typically physical signs of intoxication

Many in Roanoke come to members of our team here at Robert F. Rider, PLC after having been arrested for DUI convinced that they must resign themselves to the certainty of conviction. Their thinking typically is that if law enforcement officials say they have evidence to show that they were intoxicated, then there is no disputing that. If you find yourself in the same position, you will be happy to hear that a DUI charge is not insurmountable. Even when authorities claim to have chemical test results proving your guilt, those results can often be questioned. When they are, you might be surprised to see how much of DUI charge is simply based on an officer's observations. 

Virginia wrestles with gun control legislation

Regardless of the personal beliefs of any resident in Virginia, it is likely safe to say that the issue of gun control is one that generates a lot of strong opinions these days. In this state and around the nation, leaders are struggling to find a way to balance the maintenance and protection of the rights handed down by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution with the protection and safety of human lives. 

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