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Can you get restricted driving privileges following a DUI?

Being convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Roanoke automatically results in the revocation of your drivers’ license. What it does not change is the responsibilities inherent with your daily routine, which may include going to work, attending school or transporting family members or friends to various destinations. Needless to say, that becomes very difficult to do if you cannot drive. This may prompt the question as to whether there exists a way to regain your driving privileges following a DUI conviction (if only on a limited basis)? 

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, you can petition for restricted driving privileges that allow you to drive on a limited basis (to work, school or to receive treatment for medical or psychiatric conditions). If this DUI conviction is your first, then you can file your petition with the DMV on the date of your conviction. If your application is approved, your restricted driving privileges will typically remain in place (barring any violations) up until your drivers’ license is reinstated. 

If this is your second DUI conviction, you must wait four months before petitioning for restricted driving privileges if your previous conviction was prior to five years of your current one. If it was not, then you must wait one year. After your third DUI conviction in a 10-year time frame, you must wait three years before seeking restricted driving privileges. It should also be noted that restricted driving privileges apply only to private vehicles. If you hold a commercial drivers’ license, your commercial driving privileges cannot be reinstated (even on a restricted basis) for the entirety of the time your license is suspended.